Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Me and Zach are sitting in some sexy library building in Oklahoma City. It's like 5:30 or some stuff. We've just been wandering around handing out Fighting For Our Lives to cops and businessmen. Earlier we were trying to look out windows of high-rise office buildings but the receptionists were all on the rag. We were standing there and the receptionist for Megacorporation Bank of the Universe was like, "CAN I HELP YOU?", then some random lady from an office down the hall acted like we were with her so the receptionist would quit trying to shoo us away.

No pictures. I don't even technically start travelling and crap until tomorrow. But, whatever. I do what I want: I'm a grown ass man. *flex*

If we risk our lives, it is because we know only by doing so can we make them our own.

And the security guard at the entry to the library made us leave our water bottles there.


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