Saturday, August 12, 2006

Alright, well, I'd really like to do some writing. Not so much about what's been happening - it's not very interesting, just garbage about police and poverty and what-not - but rather about my ideas. Having not spent much time at all doing any writing whatever, and simultaneously accruing a vast store of interesting experiences, I've got a lot that I've been able to think through, in addition to what I've been reading. My grandma's computer is connected on a 46.6 line, and it's really horrendous, and I hardly have any patience for it whatsoever. It lags when I type and it infuriates me and I want to kill someone because this is completely insane and not necessary.


Religion is stupid and I've had enough of everyone's irrational, illogical, un-empirical bullshit. Quit having faith in a bunch of fucking nothing and start thinking about reality, because you're really pissing me off and it's hurting a lot of others, most of all the people you're exposed to most often. So quit it. I had a girl tell me yesterday that science is stupid. Does she even know what that means? Of course not, because she's ignoratnt - militantly so - and lets her emotions control her intellect, rendering it useless. And she had the audacity to tell me this over the Internet, on a computer, wearing synthetic, factory-made clothing in an air-conditioned house made entirely out of scientifically-inspired technology. IF you want to argue that science is "stupid", please do so in a consistent way, perhaps by being dead, as that's the only way you'll be making any sense. The entire universe so far as anyone can tell is entirely materialistic. There is no supernatural, no spiritual, and so forth. So close your damn holy book, wipe the drool off your chin, and go outside and think.

And I don't much want to write any more because I'm getting really fucking pissed off about this slow-ass piece of shit.

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paulo said...

The definition of religion may as well be militant ignorance. For absolutely anything else in life, a person requires some sort of proof. If I tell you yogurt makes you invincible, or your best friend hates you, or wheels work because of magic, you're going to want something to back that up. A person with faith, however, requires absolutely no evidence to believe in something completely absurd. If people could get a little perspective, they'd see the only reason they don't believe it's completely crazy is because they've always been surrounded by people who believe the same crap, just like the members of every religion that they don't subscribe to. How many people would still believe in the Easter Bunny if their parents never admitted it wasn't real?

Furthermore, it's dangerous. Nobody wants to admit it, like that big pink elephant in the room that everybody just pretends isn't there. The history of religion isn't exactly a peaceful one. As we progress technologically, the world becomes increasingly more dangerous because people still believe in ancient myths that teach that the world is ending, and that all unbelievers should be killed (yeah, I'm talking about Christians, too).