Sunday, August 06, 2006

The post before last, no, there was no spelling mistake: I really was in Wanena, Minnesota. I wasn't in Winona until some time later, after my days in Minneapolis and the bus ride to Winona with Blair. The CrimethInc. Convergence was really cool. I liked it a lot more than the Rainbow Gathering, because there was very full emphasis on politics. The Rainbow Gathering was really focused on drugs and religion, both of which are, for me, stupid and boring. I met a lot of cool people there and heard from my buddy Mica that the SDS was having their first national convention here in Chicago just a few days after the end of the Convergence. So I've been doing that. Some guy bought me and Mica Subway last night. Then we did a militant march against gentrification with about 30 other folks. I'm about to go find TravelAid to see if they'll buy me a bus ticket to Detroit. Also I'm going to do a lot of flying signs (IN NEED OF: FOOD AND FARE. please, it's for the (A) revolution. (seriously)). But yeah, I'm going to go get food and pick up my stuff from all over random places I've stashed it throughout the city, and also I'm going to go to the top of the Sears tower and eat a sandwich, if I can manage. Then I'll probably find Mica and more food and we may sleep on a roof or on a floor or in a Church. Word up.

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